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Happy babies, confident parents, connected families need sleep!

Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultants provide insight and step-by-step support. Practical and experienced, our baby sleep consultants have helped over 4,000 newborns, babies, toddlers and families sleep, including our own.

Book a Sleep Package or a Consult Call. Your whole family will benefit night after night from much-deserved sleep. Relief can come sooner than you think.

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  • The Sleep Packages

    Whether you have a baby not sleeping or a toddler with sleep problems, your Cheekychops consultant will help you identify and understand your child's core sleep issues. Then we will help you work through a personalized, step-by-step sleep plan with 21 days of support.

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  • Introduction Video

    Not sure what we can do to help? Let us show you. Founder Dawnn Whittaker talks about what we do and how Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultants work with families.

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  • Potluck Parenting

    Potluck Parenting Parties are a fun, casual way to meet your local parenting and baby sleep consultant, get answers to the sleep questions that keep you up at night and share the joy and craziness of being a mom. Available in Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, MB.

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What Client’s Say

“Cheekychops gave me encouragement and the confidence to know I was doing the best thing for my daughter.”

— Trisha Hillaby, Edmonton AB