Answering Parent Questions at Lussobaby

Cheekychops Founder Dawnn Whittaker sat down with a group of parents at the new Vancouver Lussobaby store on February 28th to discuss the ins and outs of sleep for their babies. Our second sleep seminar is coming up in North Vancouver's Lussobaby Store on March 7th (learn more here).

The seminar taught parents how to make positive changes to their sleep routines. We answered questions from parents such as:

  • When is a good time to start a routine?
  • When is it a good time to start teaching a baby how to falll to sleep better?
  • How do I know if my baby is not hungry at night?
  • How can I help my baby nap longer?

If you have these questions too, come to our next Lussobaby sleep seminar, a future event or contact us to learn more.

Image thanks to the Lussobaby team!

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