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Sleep and Parenting Consultants


Dawnn Whittaker Founder & Senior Consultant

Sharon Garcha  Surrey, Richmond, Delta. 

Marnie Huard   Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack.

Jamesie Bray Okanagan and Interior of BC



Nichola Mitchell Manitoba


"Life is so much better now that we can all sleep! The whole process worked for us. Doing the consult on the phone, being able to send questions by email, doing the daily journal, and hearing “that’s normal” – everything helped. I’m so proud of us."

— Claire Samyciawood, Helena's Mom

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“I must say that most people I know are amazed by how much sleep we're getting - especially if they have babies around Aili's age. Thanks to you, we're the envy of all of our friends!”

— Angie Oshika, mum to four-month-old Aili, Coquitlam

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