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Demand for Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consulting services is growing fast. We have clients spreading the word, frequent media attention.

It’s time for Cheekychops to expand geographically and train new consultants to help us keep up with our volume of clients and bring the experience to every parents home.



Apply to become a Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultant in your area!

We are actively seeking smart, passionate, caring persons who either have experienced Cheekychops services, or who have experience or desire to work with families and children.

All approved Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultants applicants must successfully complete the Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultant Training Program, before working with any clients.

Next training session will be held in Vancouver BC, Sept 2014.

Upcoming training sessions will be:

Jan 2015

May 2015

Sept 2015

To find out more or apply, please email and request an application form

Email or call 778.298.8908





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“Mateo is now sleeping through the night and so are we - which is absolutely helping our family unit. He is napping regularly during the day (two-three hours average) instead of 20-minute catnaps he was doing before!!! Thanks for bringing back sleep to our family!!!!!!!”

— Rina, mother of Matteo