A Licensing opportunity with us -

Demand for Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consulting services is growing fast. We have clients spreading the word & frequent media attention.

It’s time for Cheekychops to expand geographically and train new consultants to help us keep up with our volume of clients and bring 'the Cheekychops experience' to every parents home.



Apply to become a Cheekychops Certified Licensee in your area!

We are actively seeking smart, passionate, caring persons who either have experienced Cheekychops services, or who have experience or desire to work with families and children.

All approved Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultants applicants must successfully complete the Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultant Training Program, before working with any clients.


Cheekychops is a Sleep & Parenting Consulting Company; working with parents with children aged 0-5 years old. The mission for which is Confident Parenting & Connected Happy Families.

Join the Cheekychops Team

We’re looking for business minded moms, like you, to join the Cheekychops team.
Are you searching for a business that is flexible and family friendly? Are you passionate about family and parenting, and passionate about being an entrepreneur?  How about social media savvy, enthusiastic, self-motivated and leadership driven?  Cheekychops may be the entrepreneurial venture you've been looking for.

Cheekychops is a dynamic small business to run - It's perfect for a mom who wants to continue being the primary parent while owning a family-focused and mommy relevant business.

A bit about Cheekychops

Initially launched in September 2007 in Langley, BC, with a focus to create Happy babies, confident parents and connected families.

Cheekychops was an immediate success because it met a relevant need in niche market.

A Cheekychops License includes

  • Exclusive license to own and run your Cheekychops business in your local geographic territory
  • Revenue from all clients
  • Territory specific
  • License to run proprietary Cheekychops program
  • Cheekychops brand development, recognition and marketing support
  • Cheekychops business Training & Support
  • Access and support from a full team of Cheekychops business owners, ongoing training & team building
  • Cheekychops offers licensing in both Sleep training and Potty training
  • Access to our intranet and online library
  • Initial marketing materials

Cheekychops is currently looking to recruit Licensees in the following areas:

  1. St John's, Newfoundland
  2. Halifax, Nova Scotia 
  3. Moncton, New Brunswick
  4. Montreal, Quebec
  5. Mississauga, Ontario
  6. Toronto, Ontario
  7. Kingston, Ontario
  8. Durham region, Ontario
  9. Scarborough, Ontario
  10. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  11. Regina, Saskatchewan
  12. Vancouver - East, BC
  13. Vancouver – West, BC
  14. Vancouver - Downtown
  15. Victoria, BC
  16. Edmonton, AB
  17. Calgary, AB


To find out more or apply, please email and request an application form

Email or call 778.298.8908





Start Today!

Find your local consultant.

“Ryan is much happier now that he gets his sleep and the new routine you gave us has also really helped him with his solids, he will now eat just about anything! He now sleeps from 6:45/7 pm until 6:30 am, with a 2 -21/2 hour nap midday - magic!”

— Lisa, mum to one-year-old Ryan, Port Moody

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