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Turn your belief in Cheekychops into your own business.

Demand for Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consulting services is growing fast. We have clients spreading the word, frequent media attention, and a business model that yields consistently successful results.

It’s time for Cheekychops to expand geographically and train new consultants to help us keep up with our volume of clients.



Apply to become a Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultant in your own Exclusive Territory!

We are actively seeking smart, passionate, caring persons who either have experienced Cheekychops services, or who have experience or desire to work with families and children to become a Cheekychops Certified Sleep Consultant.

Just as we fully support our clients and lay out practical plans for their success, we fully support Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultants in building a business that is both personally and financially rewarding.

All approved Cheekychops Certified Sleep and Parenting Consultants applicants must successfully complete the Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultant Training Program. You'll not only learn how to help families and how to assess sleep issues, but also how to build and provide successful sleep plans and become financially successful.

Each Cheekychops Certified Sleep Consultant will operate in a protected territory while having the full experience and expertise of Dawnn Whittaker, founder of Cheekychops Consulting, and her qualified team available for support. In addition to learning the techniques required to provide successful consultations you will learn how to market your services locally while operating a rewarding home-based business with low overheads and flexible hours.

Currently we are expanding now in Victoria BC, Edmonton AB,  and Saskatchewan

Email for more information and please include your phone number for us to contact you.





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“Mummy never thought I'd ever be able to sleep all by myself in my crib. But because of you I have shown her that I can. Thank you so much for making my Mummy feel better in so many ways. You will always be remembered in our family.”

— Four-month-old Owen, son of Heidi, Port Moody