Sleep and Parenting Services

Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultants provide insight and step-by-step support for toddler and baby Sleep training, Potty training, Behavior, Holistic Nutrition and other parenting related concerns.

You get personalized, one-on-one assistance, and relief comes sooner than you think. We can answer the questions that keep you up at night and support you emotionally to make the changes that need to be made. Every child and every family are unique. We don't judge you or your child. We work with you to make sure you have the knowledge and tools you need to be a more confident parent.

With guidance and support from your parenting consultant, your whole family will benefit night after night and day after day. You will feel more connected with your family, more optimistic and more confident.

STEP 1: Choose your Package

Please see the options below for sleep training, potty training and nutrition guidance as well as the consultant type.

All senior consultants have at least 5 years experience and have worked with at least 250 families for sleep assistance and 100 families for potty training assistance.

All certified consultants have been certified and undergone 3 months of training under Founder Dawnn Whittaker and have taken clients and been shadowed by Dawnn personally.

STEP 2:  Journal
We start by sending you a journal and client information form, which you use to track your Infant's food, moods, sleep & activities.

The journal removes the guesswork. Your consultant will use it to quickly identify and evaluate any issues.

STEP 3: Consult
In a private consultation, you and your consultant will talk about:
• Your child's personality, weight, age, your main concerns and expectations.
• The routines and people in your child’s life.
• Solutions

STEP 4: Guidance
Based on your journal, consult, and your family, your consultant will send you a personalized, step-by-step plan.

Your plan will walk you through everything you’ll need to do to help you resolve your concerns.

STEP 5: 21-Days of unlimited email and phone support.
As you work through your plan, you can be in frequent contact with your consultant to ask questions and get support, anytime.

The Sleep Annual Package

  • Individualized step-by-step plan as covered in the in home or telephone package.
  • ONE YEAR of unlimited support, follow-up phone calls and emails as needed, after your three week sleep plan.
  • Modifications of your plan to correspond with changes in your child's age.
  • Call anytime, support when and as you need it.

The Sleep Package with In-Home Consultation

This consultation is done in the private setting of your own home. Your baby sleep consultant will spend approximately 1.5 hrs with you to go through your sleep journal, main issues and take a look at your current sleep set up.


The Sleep Package with Phone or Skype Consultation

This convenient package allows clients to get support no matter where you are. We can have a consultant help you at a time that suits you, either over the phone or online.

Pictures of your baby's or toddler's sleep environment may be requested.


The Potty Package with In-Home Consultation

This private in home consultation takes place at a convenient time for you, in the comfort of your own home. Your potty training consultant will spend up to 1.5 hours talking through the steps and stages and to learn more about your child and their current toileting practices. Two weeks of follow up emails with your consultant (four emails over two weeks).

This service is only offered by specially trained consultants.

The Potty Package with Phone or Skype Consultation

Your potty training consultant will spend up to 1 hour talking through the steps and stages and to learn more about your child and their current toileting practices. You can choose between Phone / Facetime / Skype  Consultation -
Two weeks of follow up emails with your consultant (four emails over two weeks).

This service is only offered by specially trained consultants.

Talk time / refresher package

Have Questions?

If you are an old client needing a pep talk or refresher due to some baby or toddler sleep problems or disruptions then this package is for you.

Spend up to 45 minutes to speak with a consultant - have your questions ready!

EBOOK support

To compliment our Ebook 'Potty Training Made Simple',  this package will give you the opportunity to ask questions via email, when you are already in the throw of training or before hand. 

A Certified Cheekychops Consultant will be assigned to you within 24 hrs to utilize this support over a two week period from the first initial contact, 10 emails maximum.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund - There are no refunds on sleep packages once the initial consultation has taken place and/or you have a copy of a personalized sleep plan.

Cancellation - A client cancelling any service (excluding the 15, 30 and 45 minute consult calls) with less than 72 hours notice before the scheduled appointment will be invoiced a $50 cancellation fee.

Reschedule  - If you need to reschedule, contact your consultant directly.

To learn more, check out our YouTube page for an Introduction and a quick FAQ video or read our FAQ.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices do not include GST or International taxes. (International taxes are only applicable for international clients.)


"I am so glad to have taken the jump and accomplished what we have. It wouldn't have been possible without your support. Not only is Rachel sleeping through the night, but she is also napping in her crib. What a treat! Thanks again for all your help. I'll be recommending your services to every new parent in need of sleep!"

— Dominique, mother of Rachel

“We were incredibly fortunate in that my son was trained in one evening and Dawnn remained my support for a few more days to ensure any unusual circumstances were handled in a way that was best for my son.”

— Caroline Preston-Johnson, mother of a 22-month-old boy