Lorrie Lacey - Consultant  

Lorrie Lacey started working alongside Dawn in the fall of 2012.


Initially she started out in the office talking with clients on the phone, booking them in for consultations,  organizing clients files, going through sleep logs and forms, ensuring all details were included for the consultations to go smoothly.


In 2014, things changed gears and Lorrie started to consult and visit clients in their homes with Dawn and then on her own. 

Lorrie has now for many years, successfully worked with her own clients, under Dawn and continues to grow her own fan base.


What Lorries clients say:


"Thank you so much for all your support, guidance and motivation. You are amazing and Im so happy that we were able to work together. This has been such a positive experience, I still cant believe it, she is finally sleeping through the night" 


Lorrie is a married mother of 2 teenage boy and lives in Langley, BC.

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