Emotional moments in parenting

We received a form the other week, which really got us talking about the emotions in parenting, and with our clients permission, she has said that we can publish her words and thoughts on our blog,  as I think a lot of parents will be able to relate to her feelings.

This is what my client had written:


To set the scene: Its 8pm and after an hour of trying to get my son to sleep by having him relax – I am singing to him.


Then she wrote: "After several warnings that he needs to hold still and close his eyes to let himself fall asleep, I get frustrated and let him know that I need a break from singing. I tell my husband that it is his turn and I say goodnight to my son. What I really needed was to leave the room so that I would not scream at him or show him the rage boiling inside that I had to spend every night singing for hours and hours and hours and it doesn't even seem to work. I am frustrated that all of my compassionate ways of parenting him to sleep are just as useless as the ones that make him cry - because the night always ends in him crying and me feeling guilty anyway."


I think many of you can resonate with this:


She finished off with - Isn't there a way for falling asleep to be pleasant and easy?

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