Time management


Since having children - I reflect on my time as a singleton and I ask my self - what did I used to do all day? During the day now, I don't seem to have a spare minute for myself and I can’t even have a shower without somebody whining whilst hanging off the shower curtain or wanting in.

So - I have managed to find away that allows me to have 2.5 hours to myself and get an absolute ton of stuff all in PEACE!!! .... Would you like to know my secret?

First of all you are probably going to think I'm barmy - but on days that I do this I feel absolutely amazing. The trick is - I get up between 4.30 - 5am - I know its early - buts its so quiet - that I can actually finish a thought without somebody hanging off my arm / foot / thigh whilst repeating mum / mommy / mum / ma / mummy / mum and have a coffee that I can finish WHILST STILL HOT.

As an example of the things that you can do before 5am - I will give you an example of my day - Sunday

  • 5am - up

  • Coffee - drank it whilst hot - sat down (for a change) - deep in thought

  • Made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish that day

  • Made a list of all the meals that we would be having this week

  • Compiled a shopping list based on those meals

  • Prepared dinner and put it in the crock pot and set it to come on later

  • Unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it

  • Took all the recycling downstairs and sorted it into the appropriate boxes/bags

  • Emptied the bin

  • Fired off 20 emails (for work)

  • Fired off 5 emails (personal)

  • Put the dogs out and changed their water

  • Sorted out the fridge and threw away left overs and other bits and pieces

  • Tidied the kitchen

  • Had a shower

  • Dried hair

  • Put on a bit of make up

  • Cleaned teeth got dressed - ready for superstore

Just in time for the 7.30am eruption when all the whining / crying / squabbling and swinging off my limbs begins, my husband gets up and I’m off out the door.

Its so much fun doing this stuff without anybody around - I actually enjoy it - I don't do it everyday - but it makes me feel great - I start the day with a real buzz and I have so much more patience as everybody else filters on down. It also frees up my time with the children during the day and once back from superstore (by 9am) - we went to the park - walked the dogs - made lunch - took one kid skiing  - had coffee with a friend - bathed Kenya and watched a movie with Marc - at which point I fell asleep right near the end. But - it was a great day and I managed to get on top of things.

If you struggle to get everything done - you should try getting up just one hour before every body else – it’s hard initially as I also love my bed - but it gives you a fantastic head start and really clears you head.

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