Don't let the doorbell be the reason your baby wakes up

It happened a lot to me when my little ones were babies. I would put one down to sleep, then look forward to having just enough time to shower and catch up on a few emails (okay let's be honest, one email and then Grey's Anatomy). All of a sudden, the doorbell would ring and my baby would wake up. Now, some babies are great at settling back down after being woken (if this sounds like your baby, yay for you!). But depending on the child and depending what part of the sleep cycle was interrupted, little ones can't always get back to sleep. There goes your hard-earned Netflix time!


You can get super cute little door or window signs on etsy, but I wanted to make a FREE downloadable sign for all of you. Just print, cut along the line and put up at your door. Then sit back and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. Maybe even enough for a shower and an episode of whatever you've been craving. 


Visit our Sleep page to download your free sign today!


Enjoy! And let me know if you have other ideas. 

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