Grocery budgeting - Top 3 Tips

After putting a frustrated post grocery shop rant to Facebook this morning, I'm glad to see I'm not alone in spending almost equal to a mortgage payment on groceries a month. Every time I go into the store, I go in - with a budget in mind, to find that I have blown it OUT THE WATER BIG TIME, at the checkout.  I always leave feeling pretty depressed. I believe I'm doing all the right things, buying fresh, cooking fresh, yet I feel like I'm being stung! 


For a family of 5, this is the breakdown I have found personally from my 4 main go too's, and this is just food - not toiletries and cleaning products.


Walmart - $3.00 - $3.70 an item - my last bill from here was $ 363.00 / 99 items


Costco - $ 6.00 - $ 7.00 an item - I dont have a copy of my last bill, but I can tell you that its never less than $600.00 each time and again around 100 items, and the trolley is piled high,  and I'm so small you can't see my behind it - I tend to loose a few items en-route to the car.


Superstore - $3.20 - $ 4.00 an item - probably my go too the most, where I do my weekly big shop. My last bill here was $ 490.93 / 147 items


Save on foods - should be, 'never' save on foods, as I find this one the most expensive. On average $ 4.30- 5.00 an item.  My last bill was $ 26.34 / 6 items.


From the post came a few common tips, that some clients are already putting into practice - they are:


1. Meal plan - I have blogged about this in the past and I do this on a weekly basis already - I buy my groceries based on what I have already pre decided to make based on who is home, and what day it is.  On a Sunday, I will often spend a few hours, prepping things for the week too. One client use's an app to help with this called 'PAPRIKA'; grocery lists and strategic use of left overs.



2. Price match - quite a few are being savvy shoppers with an app called 'FLIPP' - I have just downloaded this today and will try it out, but according to a few clients, it will save you $ 20-30 at the check out; by price matching between different stores. Cha Ching!





3. Buy meats in bulk and then portion them out to typical meal size. Find the cheaper things that kids like, and make that a staple for 1 - 2 meals a week.


In my house, this would be KRAFT dinner, hands down favourer by my boys (not including husband who is still yet to try it, he's a little freaked out by the powdered cheese sauce)


Add your average grocery bill and top tip below or join the discussion on facebook -  Dawns grocery rant

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