Fall Back - Nov. 3rd

On the evening of November 3rd 2018, don't forget to set your clocks back by 1 hour.  YES!!!!  we all get to gain a glorious extra 1 hour or sleep or an extra hour o hang out in bed...... BUT.... if you are the parent of a little one, maybe not!


For both the fall and spring time change, infants will often naturally start to wake up earlier, than average, and we see this starting around 6 weeks prior.  For a lot of parents the fall back time change, can be especially daunting as 5am will become 4am, which is now not even early, but still the middle of the night.


Things to note:


It is only an hour,  even if you do not make any advance changes, over 1-2 days, everything will line back up on real time on its own, but you will just have to deal with some early mornings. 


For small babies, under 9 months of age:  you can start this offset on Thursday by starting to create a small offset of around 15 minutes, putting your baby to bed at 7.15pm instead of 7pm for example or you could even start it earlier in the day at a nap time to create this offset.


Everyday following - Friday and Saturday, do the same thing, so when the clocks go back an hour,  you are back to 7pm on real time.


For babies over 9 months of age to 18 months: You can use the same strategy but starting on the Friday, doing an offset of 20 minutes, and again on Saturday.


For toddlers of 18 months an on: You can do it on the Saturday, offsetting by 30 minutes only.


If you also decide to not do anything, you an also just work on realtime on the Sunday,  and offset the nap on that day, by allowing one nap or two naps,  to be longer than average. You could also add in an extra nap if your little one would take it, and do a slightly later bedtime than normal on real time, getting them back on track the next day.









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