Anxiety & Parenting - does it ever go away?

Not that I want to freak anyone out by posting this, but once you become a parent, there is always going to be something to worry about. I honestly don't think it goes away; the worrie's just changes based on the age of your child.


Once you are a parent, you will be so for the rest of your life - so I guess we have to get used to it.  Not only is there always something to be stressed about , its also hard, MUCH harder than you could EVER imagine, before having your first baby. 


I know the internet has not helped parents with this, going online only creates more questions, to which you will continuously find different answers, leaving you even more worried and confused, so now what do you do? 


I ran into an old client of mine at the mall recently, I met her when her twins were only a few months old and they were not sleeping well. When I saw her in the mall, the twins were with her and they were now 8.  Her words were " I thought it was hard then, but it was nothing compared to now - now it's really hard". 


I'm 15 years in,  and I'm still worrying  - my latest stressor is about being in cars with slightly older teens; is this something that would worry you? 


On Friday my eldest asked if he could go to 'Fright night' at the PNE, to which I said 'yes', it was then followed up with he was going to get a ride with a friends brother (who is 19).


This FREAKED ME OUT - to which he did not understand 'Mum, whats your problem!'


I'm a pretty chilled out parent, but the thought of my baby, being in a car, with a few other teenagers being driven by a teenager on the highway, is enough to send me over the edge.  Far, far over the edge.


I have been dreading the day by first born drives a car or is going to be getting in cars with someone who is not me or my husband (and I'm certainly not the world's best driver), it just gives me a sense of control; which is false, as I can only control my car.


In the end, I did offer to drive them and someone elses' parent stepped up too, so I was relieved, but the issue will arise again soon.  


I did question whether I was being over protective but at what age do you let go?  I don't know the answer or how I will get over it, but I do know that I can't make my anxiety his problem and I do think this is good - food for thought - for other issues that come up, as children get older.


For now, I'm going to keep applying my anti aging cream and hope it removes the worry lines from my face, but Im curious as to what your anxieties are / were and at was age, and how you have dealt with them ? 




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