Motion Associations


Do you resort to rocking, bouncing, carrying or strolling your baby to sleep? If you do...... these 'props' fall under the category of 'motion' associations.


I have seen parents be very creative in this area; the more common motion props are strollers, carriers, swings, carseats (in the car), or sometimes being swung by hand / forearm (ouch). How about baby gently placed on top of the washing machine with the spin cycle going, bouncy chairs, or being motored by a parents fair hand? Not forgetting the actual physical attributions such as being rocked in your arms, or bounced in your arms, or maybe you sit and bounce on a yoga ball (very common). Then there is walking the stairs or pacing the kitchen with the hood fan going over the oven, or doing squats in the bathroom with the water running.


As I said, when bedtime is hard and you've got a baby not sleeping, creativity can flow!!!


It's all fine and dandy when your little one is a light weight, but when they hit super welterweight status, it's a real physical work out! Pass the protein shake.


Motion is a weak association to break, so if you are only using one of these items to lull your baby to sleep, making changes won't be as challenging and by challenging I mean, less overall fussing, crying and protesting.


The only issue with motion associations, is because they are weak, they often take a long time to be effective.  What I mean by this is: if you bounce your baby to sleep, it could take up to as long as 2 hours, versus sucking associations, which work much faster (think 10-20 minutes), but are very strong and do take more endurance to work through. 


If you have a different technique to get your baby to sleep, we want to know about it, so please leave a comment below! 


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