Christmas Traditions'


I thought it would be fun to post about Christmas traditions' in our family - we would love to hear yours!!


So please add them on our Facebook page


 In our house on Christmas eve, the children take a (small) glass of Brandy for Santa to bed with them; luckily to date, not one child has tried to take a sip!


To go along with the brandy, there is an offering of a mince pie (which is a pastry filled with dried fruit soaked in more brandy). Not forgetting all the hard work the reindeers have to put in,  we also leave a carrot for Rudolf.  (This is a very ENGLISH tradition; the Brandy), he gets plenty of milk from North America, so he needs something to warm his cockles.


Each child has their own sac,  that have to lay on the bottom of the bed, which will be filled with presents in the morning when they wake up, as well as more presents under the Christmas tree.


If you are like us and away from family at Christmas, that s one of the harder things we have to endure, as its only ever us for Christmas dinner - and my husband doesn't like turkey, so it feels like a lot of effort, but I have been known to tell him I have an especially large chicken instead, wink -  wink - 





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