Winter solstice

Winter solstice is almost here! HOORAY


I love this day, as I know that we are through the peak of the long dark days; which I find especially depressing, exhausting and boring. This year, it will be Friday Dec 21st when the tables will turn on the Southern Hemisphere as the earths pole will reach its maximum tilt away from the sun.


I know a lot of parents head into the winter months, assuming that their little one will miraculously start sleeping 'in' (yeah right!), wouldn't that just be lovely.


The short days of course, effect us Northerners than those of you closer to the equator who have pretty much even amounts of daylight all year round.


I have found that more often than not, children tend to be more in sync with astronomical twilight than civil twilight.  I like to use this chart throughout the year, to see how much light we are exposed too and what time the sun will rise and fall - take a look and see which  twilight your little one rises at, just be sure to make sure you have added the right location so that you get the most accurate information.


If you need any help with your child's routine or helping regulate their body clock, please email us 


I am sooo looking forward to thawing out shortly, laying off the coffee and feeling like my normal chipper self.








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