The Haakaa

I wanted to post about this as a client just recently mentioned it to me, and I had never heard of it. Without googling the product, I thought the name had a Maori influence, so I was not shocked to learn this product hails from New Zeland.


Made of 100% silicone it is eco-friendly and offers an effective comfortable pumping experience.


A lot clients struggle with pumping routines, due to the time it can take, as well as being relaxed enough to induce a let down.


My client uses' this product to catch milk from the breast she is 'not' pumping from. We all know how precious it is! We need to catch, save, store and use as much of it as possible.


This product is discreet, easy to clean and small enough to carry around in your purse, I could also see it being especially handy when travelling.


As I know pumping is not always easy, I also wanted to include 3 tips, to help you in your pumping journey! 


3 Tips for expressing breastmilk 


1. Express milk from both breasts, in the AM, after you have fed your baby for his first morning feeding - you will naturally have more milk in the morning than later on in the day.


2. Stimulating a let down can be troublesome for some breastfeeding Mothers, most milk expression difficulties are due to temporary unresponsiveness of the mothers let down, RATHER than, low milk supply.


To help with this, try to express in areas where you are relaxed and comfortable, minimize distractions as much as possible. and apply heat to the breasts, you can also look at a picture of your baby or think about your baby whilst doing the above.


3. Use the Marmet technique. This is a form of manual expression to assist the milk to eject. This technique combines gentle milk expression with breast massage, stroking and shaking to stimulate / duplicate the rythem of a nursing baby.



Need help with a feeding routine for your baby? or feeding to sleep and don't know how to stop? Book a FREE 15 MINUTE consult, with founder Dawn Whittaker.


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