Spring is almost here :)


Oh I am so ready for the spring and the extra daylight that comes with it - this weekend the clocks will go forward and for those of you who have not made any changes in advance, its all good - nothing terrible will happen.  Within a few days the 1 hour difference will be a thing of the past and instead, we will all be benefiting from the extra vitamin D (or at least I hope we will be), if the clouds would move.


Just a few tips of things that you can do after the fact:


Work on real time on Sunday - expect to feel a little out of sorts, your child may do too, acting like a little grumpy pant's. 


Don't change the flow of your day or the spacing between feeds / naps - ignore the clock and follow your usual windows of awake time between items. 


On Sunday night as we have lost an hour your child may appear to go to bed 'later' than normal based on the clock, this is fine!! Don't stress.


The following day don't let your child sleep in later than 7am.


Over three days, everything will settle down and normalize. 


Around 6 weeks prior to a time change in both the spring and the fall, children do often start to naturally wake up earlier and earlier anyway - but this is corrected easier in the spring than in the fall, when 5am become 4am! YIKES -


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