Too much choice - is it good or bad for us?

For most of us, we don't give the fact we have choices too much thought, only what we are going to choose and what are our options in that moment. 


We live in a society where we can choose, what we want to wear, what we want to eat and what we want to drink.  Most of the time the decision making is easy - maybe we have to toss a coin between which cocktail to have, or which dress to wear, but we make our decision and move on - most of the time not giving it too much second thought.


It also means we can choose things that years ago were not even options, such as:


What 'Parenting style' shall I follow?


Instinctive -


Attachment - 


Helicopter - 


Authoritative -  


Permissive - 


and there are more!!!! 


What eating style shall I follow? 


The French approach - 


Baby led weaning - 


Purees / mashed foods -


and there are more!!!!



What potty training method shall I follow?


3 day method - 


Child led (or know as child orientated) - 


EC - elimination communication - 


Trip training -


and there are more!!


It's overwhelming isn't it! 



So do these choices make us feel better or worse about our parenting?


Working in the parenting industry, I think worse and I believe it's becoming harder and more stressful for new parents  - even though technology is much more advanced and we have answers (choices) at our finger tips.


The fact that now there are so many different ways & labels - makes us question our decision making and makes us doubt ourselves even more.


Years ago, new parents didn't sit around, questioning their decisions, they didn't have many options to choose from, so they just did their best and accepted this - now we worry about failure.  


But guess what!!!!  Our children love us regardless, babies and children have basic needs, good quality food, good quality sleep and a pair of loving arms around them, if you over think these basic things, it can get a little messy.


I think anxiety is on the up, and I think parents are having a more difficult time following their gut instincts, WHICH if you did, you would actually come up with the right answer for your family.


Remember that your family dynamic is unique, I'm not a fan of parenting on labels,  I like to tell my clients to parent 'from within' - make your decisions for your family based on your values and PLEASE follow your gut!






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