5 First Foods Tips


I find a lot of parents get confused when it comes to adding new foods into their little ones diets. As with anything child related, there is a plethora of information out there, so you still end up feeling like you don't know what and you don't know where, these first foods should go.


5 tips to help you get going on this exciting (but messy) time!


1. Don't go nuts! a few years ago this would have been literally, but they are now loosening up on the whole nut front. What I mean by this is; don't overwhelm your little ones tummy. You have to remember, they have only had liquids to date, if you go in too hard, with a variety of food or too much of the same food, then you will cause gassiness, fussiness and possibly some constipation.


2. Offer water with food, try to normalize drinking water and eating some food, this can help with the digestion and also help with any constipation. Your baby is not going to glug water like they do milk, the will only take small sips here and there. Offer it in a sippy cup and in between spoonfuls / mouthfuls  - it takes time for little ones to get used to this, don't worry if they cough and splutter - in order for them to get used to it, you have to keep doing it.


3. Don't offer too many NEW foods at the same meal, if you do this and your little one reacts, you won't know which new food they are reacting too.  In the beginning, have an offset of 2-3 days between adding in new things. if you do offer something and they react to it, cut it out for a month or two and then try again. Just because they are sensitive to it now, does not mean that they will be sensitive to it again at a later date.  Of course, having a full on reaction is different, esp to the higher allergen foods, in those cases, avoid until told by your GP that they are okay to be added in again.


4. Keep food's that are higher in sugar, earlier in the day - fruits late in the day can ferment over night, creating a smelly diaper around 5am and you know that its always your job to get up and change it!


5. Routine!!! don't just go offering foods willy nilly, just like you, your baby needs some sort of routine - your long term goal is to establish breakfast, lunch and dinner.



If you need more help with 'where' to add foods in, and how your 'daytime routine' should look, you can download our e.Guide. This guide, covers, routines from 4 months to the age of 3 years. Click on the image above or click here - e.Guide.


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