The sleep positions of infants



Ahh....... they are so cute when they are asleep (not so cute when they are up several times a night but we have a solution for that). 


Many parents get concerned by the positions that they get themselves in..... small babies will often sleep in one position, but as they get older and start to get more mobile, they are ALL OVER the place at night or during their nap.


You have visions of them looking all peaceful and 'sleeping like a baby' your 'vision' may look something like this:


Vision: idealistic - 


HOWEVER, the reality is that they often look like they are sleeping in varying yoga positions, downward dog being a favourite - lots of children will sleep all crumpled up, on their front with their bum in the air.


When we look at our children in these positions, you might feel an urge to go and move them, as it doesn't look comfortable.


However, they are super bendy!


And can sleep in many different positions compared to us adults, who tend to remain with our heads on the pillow!


When you go to move your children from a certain position, you do run the risk of also waking them up, which could upset them, so unless you feel that they are in a position thats dangerous, leave them alone.


I was able to collect a few images from clients to show the kind of positions our offspring can get themselves into, so that you can see that these positions are normal! 


I Hope these give you a giggle.


This guy could get a rude awakening if he ends up slipping down his slide! I can only imagine what it must be like trying to keep him in bed at bedtime when he has his own personal slide to shoot down.

 Good job she has her life jacket on! (and some factor 60 too!) 


Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana) is a popular yoga pose that deeply stretches the back side of the body

And then this one, which is my ABSOLUTE favourite, now, how many people can say they have been asleep on the loo? I hope the lid is clean -  lol


If you are worried about your child's sleep, feel free to contact us!


You can also book a FREE 15 minute call, with founder Dawn Whittaker if you have questions or concerns about your little one's sleep.


Sibling love! If you have had children in your bed, this one would be a familiar feeling, its like having a windmill in bed with you, most older children sleep ALL over the place.

and my own little scallywag Hendrix, I did put his head back on the pillow as I was worried he would end up landing right on his noggin over night.



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