With our basic sleep package, you can have support as well as a personalized plan to get you and your little on one track.
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A consultant will be assigned to you within 24 hrs and will be touch with any clarifying questions
Your personalized  plan will be delivered with 48-72 hours
10 emails as support over 3 weeks 
COST $ 350.00 CAD
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A noun usually referring to a cute little pudgy baby or toddler. Can be used for older people but is not very common. 

Cheeky meaning impertinent, but in this case: delightfully sassy as some children are. 

Chops referring to their cheeks or mouth area.


Person1: Isn't the baby so cute! 

Person2: Yes, she's such a little cheeky chops!

*Baby crawls away* 
Person1: Oy, cheeky chops, where are you off to?

Toddler: Did you bring me a present, Aunty B? 
Person: Aren't you a little cheeky chops!

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