At Cheekychops, we’re on a mission to support families with their parenting challenges, whether you have a baby not sleeping, a toddler in potty training or a fussy eater on your hands.  Read on to learn how we have helped parents just like you…

Sleep Training

“Dawn  was wonderful! Within three days of our plan our daughter was sleeping her nights. Best money we have ever spent.” -  Amanda Lapointe, Edmonton, AB


“I can't thank you enough for all your support and coaching! I know I have the confidence to handle a tough night, I know we can get back on track and it won't take long. I don't have anxiety about putting him to sleep anymore, it's not a stressful ordeal. I never thought my little sleep-challenged child would be able to get to this point.” - Evonne Zukiwski, Edmonton, AB

“This program was recommended to my family through some friends who heard about our "sleeping" challenges. When I began the process my son was about 17 months old, he had never spent a single night in a crib, we co-slept every night and he still breastfed throughout the night. I was uncomfortable with the idea of hiring a sleep coach because I did not want to leave my son alone to cry it out in his crib until he fell asleep from exhaustion, guess what?  I did not have to do this. Hiring a consultant was one of the best decisions we ever made as a family, it completely changed our lives. Not only does everyone get better sleep but our son has learnt put himself to sleep in his own bed which is a skill that will help us all through his childhood. Through this process our consultant was professional, reliable, kind, attentive and empathetic. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience.” - Yula Stam, Richmond, BC


“While we apparently had a 'top 2% baby' in terms of taking to sleep (despite the fact we'd like to think it was from our excellent parenting skills), we were thankful to have someone to guide us, to help us set our daughter's schedule and reinforce our reasons for sleep training. We're thankful to cheekychops for giving us the confidence to know our daughter could go all night without needing to feed, and for helping us set her daytime schedule so she'd sleep well at night!” - Erin J. Easingwood, Langley, BC


“We wish we could've hired someone to help us with our first kid as we were sleep deprived for the first two years.She is so experienced, responsive, confident, and kind. Our 2nd son woke up every 2-3 hours at night. When he was transitioned to his crib, he woke up every hour! Therefore, we reached out via our friend's referral when our baby was 6 months. After she looked through the sleep pattern of our baby, she came up with a plan to guide us. It was amazing that our baby started to through night from day 2 and he also napped well afterward. We really appreciate her assistance not just because our baby now rests well and is happy to play every day but we as parents also are able to get back the quality of sleep (sleep through night!) and share the positive energy with our children. We would totally recommend!” – Sherry Lee, Vancouver, BC 


“My son woke up every 2 hours from birth until he was 15 months old. No matter what I did or tried I couldn't get him to sleep longer. After talking with Dawn and working on sleep training for 2 days... (2!!!) my son slept through the night every night and is still doing it regularly 4 months later. Needless to say we are all much happier! She has also helped me with a lot of other parenting issue. She is the best Coach and very personable as well! My only regret is that I didnt call her sooner now that I see how much happier my son is!” - Elizabeth Nafissah, Vancouver, BC


“LIFECHANGING. That is definitely the right word to use when I think about what this has done for our family's sleep! Our nearly four month old twins hadn't slept well since day one. We were spending 2 hours per night trying to put them to sleep and then proceeding to get up with them 3 or 4 times per night (x2). They catnapped during the day (30 to 40 mins only) and were cranky ALL THE TIME.

I researched sleep training to no end and initially thought we'd try to implement it ourselves. Thank goodness we didn't because there were so many things we would have missed had we not consulted with a professional first.


With help, the girls have now been sleeping through the night, napping at regular times and are much happier during the day. I even started working out again because I'm finally not exhausted all the time. I've come to trust Dawn so completely that we've signed up for her annual consulting so that she can help us navigate travelling with twins (eeek!), introducing solid foods, teething and possible sleep regressions without going crazy.” – Katie Leah, Vancouver, BC


“We reached out when our baby girl was 3 months old to get some help with sleep training and with introducing a routine back into lives. We were set up with a schedule and within the 21 days, our daughter was sleeping through the night and going down daily for 3+ naps. My husband and I butted heads when it came to sleep training and schedules but it was incredibly helpful to have someone explain the process and reasoning behind it all and she helped us to both get on the same page. We would recommend this program to anyone and everyone with a new baby!” - Alicia Pintwala, Toronto, ON


Potty training


“When I had my son, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Rather than listening to a variety of people, I chose to contact Dawn who had been recommended to me. She made me feel like I was her only client, gave me solid advice and step by step guidance. She acted as a sleep coach, counsellor and later she was my potty training coach too. I tell everyone about her! All my goals were achieved and even exceeded. My son was sleeping through the night by the time she said he would, he was eating and gaining weight in a healthy manner, and later, he was potty trained in 4 days! Her experience is invaluable and her guidance makes you feel like you’re doing things right because you see the results. Thank you Dawn for all your help! You’ve been awesome!” - Olga, Toronto, ON


“I don’t think I could have survived 2 under 2 if it wasn’t for Dawn. Actually I KNOW I couldn’t have survived 2 under 2 without Dawn.

Thanks to her my older one was sleep trained, potty trained and in a big girl bed with ease. I had her help me sleep train my second child as well. Every child is different and she was able to design the perfect plan for both my children.

The support provided is priceless. I cannot thank you enough!


Because of this... I have my life back. I feel like myself and not a zombie running on caffeine. With all this extra sleep and time I’m able to spend more quality time with my kids.

Thank you so so much! Xoxoxo” – Navi, Surrey, BC




“I don’t know what my husband and I would have done if a friend did not tell us about this service. She helped sleep train my 18 month old boy after our failed attempts. Dawn also provided guidance and advice to help potty train him, deal with his behavioural issues and picky eating habits. She was so amazing that we recently reached out to her again to help sleep train our second child who woke every 45 min since birth (day or night). Dawn was worth every penny. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an answer to every question! She makes sleep training, potty training...parenting much easier. I would have gone crazy if it wasn’t for her. I can’t thank her enough for the help and support she has provided us.” - Hardip Gill, Surrey, BC


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